Dimmer technique

1. Slot dimmer
2. Mobile dimmerpacks / hat-rail-dimmer


The flightcase with 24 digital slide-in dimmers has been constructed for mobile application. Every dimmer module is self-sufficient and can be adressed individually.
Phase section dimmer in modular construction for 19", system 3 HE.
Dimemr per 19": 8 pieces (50 A: 4 pieces)
Available installation sizes 13 A = 2,5 kVA, 16 A = 3 kVA, 25 A = 5 kVA and 50 A = 10 kVA (double slot width)

This Lightcontrolsystem is featured
 -  with LED-displays at the frontshield: DMX-signal, phase section (brightness) and
NON-DIM active display
 -  with a filter for round control signal, i. e. there are no influences on brightness
through power system annoyance
 -  with over-dimensioned thyristor for absolute short-circuit stability
 -  with high redundance through divided intelligence (independent processore for each
Supports all popular spot light types (excapt capacitiv loads)

The assambly groups (power supply and DMX-interface, power outlet and safeguard) are chosen individual for every customer requirement. The grade of interferrence surpressing will be adapted on the requirements.

Technical data
Control standard: USITT DMX 512,
Analog input: 0...+ 10 V DC = Option
Minimun load: ca. 10 VA
direct current proportion:    < 0,15 V

AND 1,3 Verteilerschrankdimmer
AND 1,3 distribution box dimmer

The digital hat-rail dimmer AND 1,3 µC works with the phase section principle. At every half-wave of the sinusoidal input voltage depending on the dimmer setup an accordant piece gets cutted off. Because of over-dimensioned semiconductor compenents the dimmer is in accordance with a pre-fusing short-circuit proof. A filtercircuit, which effectivly holds away any disturbances from the zero-recognition, is included, thereby jittering of the light is prevented. There are multiple application areas.

The dimmer is suited to used:
 ·  NV-halogen lamps with conventional transformers
 ·  HV-halogen lamps
 ·  filament lamps (AGL)

This light control unit is featured
 ·  with thyristors instead of a triac, in order to minimize the direct current proportion and maximize the short-circuit power
 ·  with a micro-processor controlled ignition, in order to reach a most symetric triggering
 ·  the control electronic is power system seperated with 4 KV
 ·  with arbitrary light curve

 ·  Low power usage (1 - 10 V)
 ·  Tactilefunction with single- or double button
 ·  Manual potentiometer (P10G/K)
 ·  Triggering over tactile pad

Technical data
System voltage:    ~ 230 V ± 10%, 50 Hz
Load: 30 VA bis 1.300 VA
Working temp.: 0° bis + 40°
Weight: ca. 400 g
Pre-fusing: LSS 6A-C
Dimension: 105 x 90 x 60 mm
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