Dimmer technique

1. Slot dimmer
2. Mobile dimmerpacks / hat-rail-dimmer

Digital slot dimmer
DMD 3000 / 5000 / 10000

Mechanicale realisation:
  • Slot technique 1 component assembly (19") = 8 circles
  • New DIN-multiway connector including high-flow contacts
  • Model range 3, 5, 10 kW (doouble slotwidth)
  • Handle to pull-out
  • Slot includes thyristor und processor
Elektrical realisation:
  • Control standard USITT DMX 512, analog
  • analog input 0...+10 VDC
  • Normbend lin, log, non-dim, (TL-optional)
  • Dip-switch at Print f. normbend,
  • dig. / analog, adress, non-dim;
  • Dynamic 100 ms, or according to customer preferences
  • Normresolution >= 12 bit, terms taken through 4 bit oversampling
  • Electrical filter for roundcontrol signals = no interferences of brightnes through power system disturbances
  • Automatic zero-point, even with the analog version
  • Mux-Signal-Display at the frontsign, LED red
  • Display about present phase part (brightnesindication) by a red LED
  • NON DIM-aktiv inidication LED green
  • Level stays constant, when Mux-Signal fails
  • Adapted for inductive loads or filament lamp
  • Max. input voltage 275 VAC
  • Efficiency during nominal load > 98 %
  • Return information with PC-analysis over own data lines optional
  • Minimum load approx. 10 VA
  • NO adjustment
  • Dimensions: 2000 x 800 x 500 mm (H x B x T)
  • Standardsize 48 x 3/5 kW, 24 x 10 kW or mixed
  • Restrictor embedded
  • Vertical outgoing clamps
  • Clamps clearly accessible from front, split frontfield with 19" pivoting frames
  • Safeguarding Neozed aund 2 pol. LSS for comfortable insulation measuring and
  • ideal short-circuit limitation
  • Fan including own safeguard with external return information, temperature excursion display (2. fan activation)

The cabinet-idea:
The 19"-distributionbox-line MODUL 2000 concerns a aproved system in the domain of installation.
The primal advantage of MODUL 2000 is its split frontfield: in the bottom part there is the energy distribution and the power supply; the upper part is pivoting and offers you thereby an idieal access to the terminal.

The energy distribution:
Depending on customer requirements the energy feeding input of the cabinets can be carreid out by one or two AC systems. The contacting is situated immediatly at the CU-rails of the Neozed-distributor. Thereby not needed clamp-points in the range of performance are anticipated best possible.

The safeguarding:
The outgoing safeguard is carried out twice.
The single dimmer circuit is safeguraded with neozed in phase and with each one line safety switch for phase and neutral.
The line safety switches concern types of c-characteristic (10-fold release current) in doubled construction (2-pole).
The selctivity is designed in away, that in case of a short-circuit the automat acts. The neozed-safeguard is used as a "back up"-guard for the line safty switch.
A fault results a neutral-cutoff. This simplifies handling and service (indulation measuring and activation of the offset line). C-characteristic has been chosen to satisfy the requirements of modern effect-illumination.
To assure the dimmer does not suffer damage by those strains, the thyristormodul became extremly overdimensioned. short-circuit safety (10ms): 10 kW - ca. 2.000 A; 5 kW - ca. 1.200 A; 3 kW - ca. 800 A.

The primal advantage consists in the use of an own processor unit for each dimmer slot. This achieves fast and exact calculating time while processing the DMX-signal
Further an optimum in matters of DC-proportion and fail-safe 8in case of a fault only the concerned circuit turns out). Every dimmer is featured with an 12-pole DIP-switch, which allows singleadressing. Additional options like "analog/digital", "curve form" and "non-dim" are available.

The digital dimmer:
The advatage of a digital system consists of a shorter response time of the dimmer. Any adjustment of the dimmer is not applicable, thereby a irregularity in the course of light is impossible. The data-bus simplifies the installation and the mobile use.

The bus circuit board:
This basic module of our dimmer system has many advatages, which you will appreciate while using the plant:
 -  exact and safe insertion of the dimmer modules
 -  safe energy tranfer in the range of performance
 -  teh abolition of the control wiring, and therewith
sources of errors
 -  Easy maintainence through ideal arrangements and
screw connections
The energy tranfer in this form is well proved and was determinated by technical measurements.
The current path from the hyristor to outgoing clamp has been loaded with 90 A in case of a endurance test. This means a ca. 4-fold safety in cases of endurance over-current (according to the safeguard those over-current loads can not flow in any case). The take-out of the dimmer under load is possible , but should not be effected in accordance to lifetime of the connectors.

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