1. LAP M (magnettape)
2. LAP C (codetape)

Absolute - value - positioning - system

Innovative positioning

with the Absolute - value -
positioningsystems of

For example in stage technic or automobive industry

Technical description

The absolute linear-transmitter is constructed for guided rail-installations, which is supplied through a contact-line and where the position is to be locateg by the controlling unit at every time.

According to the principal the position of LAP is to be located slip-free and absolutely.

Genrally the use is also possible outside of the contact-lines, if the applictaion is guaranting the keeping of the technical datas.

Advantages: in case of power failure there is no need to steer to a reference. Even if the electric drive was moved during a power failure, LAP is ready to locate the latest position right after starting.

As the position is without slip, it is possible to adjust tight to the actuality.

The buffer-action of the vehicle is individual to handle according to the systems's environment.

LAP consists of a magnet tape, wich typifies the measure, as well as a read head with integral logic, that transmitts the position over th einterface to the control unit. The linear-transmitter rail integrated parallel to the slide rail or space saving in the LASTRO-contact-conductor rail system.

The intelligent read head gathers the position out of the linear-transmitter rail and analyses them ready to handle for downstreamed controls.

The link to the control is realised with a round plug connection with the screw coupling IP 67/68, 4-strand.

Strand 1 brown 0 V
Strand 2 white A (RS 485)
Strand 3 green B (RS 485)
Strand 4 yellow +8 V

Data transmitted via interface RS 485.

Technical data
Measuring interval: 10 msec
Systemresolution (relative to the tape): 1 mm
Reproducibility (relative to the tape): +/- 0,5 mm
max. traverse speed: 5 m/sec.
Definite positions: 131.071
Supply voltage: 8 bis 11 V
Other voltages: on request
Current consumption: 0,15 A
Interface: RS 485 / ASCII / 9600 Bd / 8 Daten / keine Parität / 1 Stop-Bit
Other interfaces: on request
Operating temperature: - 10°C bis + 65°C
Air humidity: 99 % relativ
Vibrations (0 < 20 Hz): 1,0 g
(20 < 40 Hz): 0,5 g
(40 < 60 Hz): 0,2 g
min. curve radius horizontal: 750 mm
min. curfve radius vertical: 1.500 mm
Expacted remanence of the magnet tape after 10 years: ca. 90 %

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