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Tele Climber „COMPACT“
The tele climber “COMPACT“ is a new budget-oriented but very powerful model. Due to its slender and lightweight design it may be used as well as conversion kit for manually operated counter hoist while retaining the feed rollers. However, with a payload of 350kg the “COMPACT“ is able to lift even greater weight without any problems up to 10m and can also be used as a hoist. Especially theatres will highly appreciate this new tele climber as it is equipped with 12 ropes. It is thus the perfect equipment for moving scenes. Upon request, MTS may adapt the motor hoist according to the requirements of Sil1 to Sil3.

Technichal data tele climber COMPACT COMPACT CM 12 350B
Category DIN 56950 BGV C1
Load carrier 6 mm wired rope, max. 12 ropes
Lift range 10m standard, more upon request
Lift speed max. 1m/s
Acceleration max. 1m/s²
Motor power 4,5 kw
Payload (depending on version) 350/ 500/ 750kg
Net weight ca. 160kg
Size (depending on version) 930/ 715/ 230mm
Pantograph SZE 45 ET

The Pantograph SZE 45 is the lightest and most budget-priced motorized pantograph MTS has ever built. Nevertheless it may cope with all standard requirements of theaters and studios as it may load up to 30kg and lift them in range of up to 6m. The SZE 45 ET is also available as manually (pole) operated version upon request.

Technichal data SZE 45 ET
Category DIN 15560 BGV C1
Load carrier 2 x 3,2 mm wired rope
Lift range 6m
Payload 40kg
Net weight ca. 28kg
Telescope TLM 165S
With the telescope TLM 165S, MTS has designed a telescope of superlatives: it carries up to 120kg within a lift range of up to 16.5m. Hence, the TLM 165S is the perfect equipment for very large studios

Technical data TLM 165S
Category DIN 15560 BGV C1
Load carrier 2 x 3,55mm wired rope
Lift range 16,5m
Payload 120 kg
Net weight ca. 100 kg
Installation height ca. 3,2 m
Cable basket included
Cable and connectors On request
Telescope TLP 40K
The telescope TLP 40K is equipped with a very new lifting mechanism: instead of a rope, the TLP 40K uses a steel chain that is stowed in a simple chain bag. This method leads to a range of advantages: first, maintenance is simpler and takes less effort. Second, the risk of any fault or malfunction is evidently lower and third, the payload of the telescope is a lot higher. Moreover, a high-quality tube reduces the torsion clearance to a minimum of two degrees. The maximum lifting height is 8m.

Technical data TLP 40K
Category DIN 15560 BGV C1
Load carrier Steel chain
Lift range Standard 8m
Payload 35 kg
Net weight approx. 30 kg
Installation height approx. 0,9 m
Cable basket included
Cable and connectors, motor on request
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